Two students playing an instrument

The music room is a place where students can express themselves through music in a safe and positive environment. At Laurel Meadow, students receive musical instruction once a week for 45 minutes. We expect all students to participate to the best of their ability in all activities in the music classroom.

Students in lower grades receive musical instruction through singing, movement, and playing percussion instruments.They are exposed to a variety instruments and musical styles. Note values and music symbols are introduced at this level.  

Students in upper grades learn to read music from the treble clef, expand their musical literacy, and apply their musical knowledge to pitched instruments.

In-Class Instruments

Ukuleles: We have a class set of ukuleles! Students receive ukulele instruction in the third grade and continue playing in the fourth and fifth grades.

one student playing piano

Recorders: Students read music from the treble clef and apply their knowledge on the recorder beginning in the fourth grade.

Guitar: We are fortunate to have a class set of guitars! Fifth grade students receive instruction on the guitar.

Performance Opportunities

There are many opportunities at Laurel Meadow for our Lions to shine:

PTA Performances: Select grade levels and music ensembles have the opportunity to showcase their musical abilities during PTA meetings throughout the school year.

Variety Show: The annual variety show is open for auditions to third, fourth, and fifth graders. Students may audition for a special act or to emcee the show. Fifth grade students can work backstage. 

LMES Chorus: Fifth grade students may choose to participate in the LMES Chorus with an accepted application. The chorus performs for school and community functions.

All-County Chorus: Select fifth grade LMES chorus members will represent Laurel Meadow while participating in the All-County Chorus. They will perform at the Hanover County Arts and Science Festival in April.

Laurel Meadow Music Program

Students have the opportunity to attend assemblies that include special performances from the Richmond Symphony, Virginia Opera, Mechanicsville High School/Bell Creek Middle School musical and theatre groups, and other special guests.

“Teaching music is not my main purpose. I want to make good citizens. If a child hears fine music from the day of his birth and learns to play it himself, he develops sensitivity, discipline, and endurance. He gets a beautiful heart.”  - Shinichi Suzuki 

HCPS Mission for Performing Arts

The mission of the performing arts curriculum in Hanover County is to equip students with the skills to communicate through music and drama, with the understanding that these art forms are an important universal language basic to our society and other cultures.

Performing Arts Curriculum Philosophy

We believe…

  • Performing arts education is essential for all students.
  • Performing arts education is a sequential process integrated with other fields of study.
  • Music and theater function together as a universal language that reflects society.
  • Performing arts education teaches history, math, science, cultures, and aesthetics.
  • Performing arts education allows for the manipulation of the expressive qualities of each unique art form.
  • Performing arts education can and should promote the understanding and use of an artistic vocabulary for the purpose of evaluating both student and professional performances.
  • Performing arts education thrives in a safe and positive learning environment.
  • Performing arts education provides opportunities to increase a positive self-concept.
  • Everyone can learn successfully in a differentiated atmosphere.
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