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The mission of Hanover County Schools' Visual Arts Program is to engage students in thinking creatively and solving problems in order to communicate visually in the 21st century. The universal language of art allows students to make connections and comprehend themes of expression around the world, past and present.

Art Is...

  • The universal language of visual communication and refined perceptual skills 
  • Form, content, and context
  • A discipline which requires reflection and revisiting of concepts
  • An ongoing process and essential for life-long learning
  • Essential for all students

Art at LMES

At Laurel Meadow, we offer art to all students enrolled in grades PK–5. Art instructional time scheduled at LMES is 45 minutes, once a week, with a certified art teacher. As with all disciplines taught at Laurel Meadow, the National Core Arts Standards, the Virginia Visual Arts Standards of Learning, and Hanover County Visual Arts Standards highly influence and guide art curriculum. 

Students painting rings on a circle

The content of the elementary art program includes visual communication and production, art history and cultural context, analysis, evaluation, critique, aesthetics, and a variety of topics to encourage creativity and (self) expression. Students analyze, interpret, and make judgments about works of art based on established visual arts criteria. Students learn proper care and treatment of art, art materials, and art tools and equipment, so they can enjoy a lifetime of artistic pursuits. They also reflect on the nature, meaning, and value of art from the viewpoint of both creator and viewer of art.  

All students explore a range of art media, subject matter, artists, and ideas. At Laurel Meadow, we expose students to different art-making processes such as painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, collage, and multi-media type projects. In preschool, kindergarten and first grade, artists focus on tasks that build fine motor skills. Second and third graders learn a lot about different cultures and art around the world. Fourth and fifth-grade students dig deeper into the creative problem solving, self-motivation, and processes of art.

Art Curriculum

Students painting scenery

Preschool through first graders emphasize cognitive, affective, sensory, and fine motor development using a problem-solving approach to create art.

Second and third graders acquire ideas, refine fine motor skills, and create art based on their own experiences, their community, other artists, the environment, and the art of other cultures.

Fourth and fifth graders emphasize the use of the elements of art and the principles of design to create a work of art.

Throughout the year, we display our students’ artwork within the school and in the community, including the following: 

  • The Hanover County School Board Office
  • Hanover County Public School’s Arts and Science Festival
  • Youth Art Month (March)
  • Local Business Partners 

While some art is created for a beautiful end product, keep in mind that it also can be made strictly for the process—and sometimes there’s even more fun and learning in that.

Thank you for your support of art education at Laurel Meadow!

“Art is a place for children to learn to trust their ideas, themselves, and to explore what is possible” - Maryann F. Kohl
student painting

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